An Ocean Oasis in the Maldives!

Ocean Oasis, the fiber glass twin engine yacht is among the best boats in Maldives. Agreeing to let you have a mind relaxing and a comfortable journey in a superior way. Diving or Surfing can be one of the best ways to experience an adventure trip. Ocean Oasis can meet up with your expected adventure plan, by taking you to explore the stunning underwater paradise and to thrilling surfing spots. Our yacht is the latest addition to Blue Horizon fleet, which began her trips on 2009.

The yacht accommodates 12 cabins and the living lodgings are completed with restaurant, fully provided with favorite drinks- bar, spa, and sun deck. In addition, you will find a Jacuzzi to relax in the most amazing setting.

The Ocean Oasis is accompanied by Dhuveli Dhoni which will make sure you reach your adventure spot with the required equipment.


Comfort and Agile Yacht, Ideal for Great Adventures!

Horizon II is a type of yacht that is rarely seen in Maldives today, it is a traditionally built wooden yacht that is perfect for a family or a small group. It is the agile adventurer that will take you to the most remote locations of the Maldives, where you can enjoy the s ecluded beaches and waters of the Maldives.

Whahira, a wooden dhoni (smaller diving boat) accompanies Horizon II on her trips to make the diving experience more comfortable and to take you to the surfing locations where a larger boat just cannot enter.

Ideal for groups, families, friends or individuals, Horizon II is an affordable boat which give you a maximum of flexibility.


BLUE HORIZON offers the variety, reliability, security and safety that you need. From your initial inquiry and booking convenience, to the excellent service of all our staff, every detail is tailored towards the ultimate sailing vacation experience for you. Our itineraries will introduce you to astonishingly lovely white powder sand beaches on one island after another. Some feature local fishing villages you can tour, others are home to elegant resorts with facilities our charterers are welcome to use, and many are uninhabited. The snorkeling and diving, shelling and abundance of marine life are all beyond compare in water the temperature of a relaxing bath. Once the vacation is over you will leave with a smile, amazed, excited and hoping to join us soon as a repeater, a loyal customer and a lover of Maldivian waves and oceanic beauty. Our crew consists of staff working in this industry for almost 20+ years and many of them have committed to Blue Horizon and our customers for their life time. Make your summer vacations come to life with us navigating every step of the way to majestic seascapes and precious moments to remember.

Blue Rides Planet offers you a new way to enjoy adventure travel!